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Yoder Smokers

Yoder Smokers are NOT the typical barbecue pit you buy down at the neighborhood department store. These pits are designed for use at the biggest BBQ competitions, and in your own backyard where the competition can be just as stiff. We construct all of our competition-grade smoker pits to last a lifetime. In fact, that’s how long we guarantee them against burnout. Whether you need an offset smoker, a loaded smoker, or a covered grill, we have them all!


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Yoder Backyard Smokers – Outdoor Cooking In Porterville


Many Porterville, CA residents turn to Yoder backyard smokers for their outdoor cooking needs. Yoder backyard smokers offer exceptional durability and are built to last with quality materials, ensuring years of reliable use.

With precise temperature control mechanisms, achieving perfect smoking results is effortless, even for beginners. The versatility of Yoder backyard smokers allows you to easily smoke various meats, fish, and vegetables, making them an exciting addition to any backyard culinary experience.

Some of the benefits of Yoder backyard smokers in Porterville:

  • Resistant to extreme climates
  • Precise temperature control
  • Versatile cooking options
  • A range of beneficial features

Their consistent performance and reliable design ensure delicious barbecue every time, while user-friendly features make them suitable for pitmasters of all skill levels. Contact us at (360) 223-1009 for more details about Yoder backyard smokers.

BBQ Smokers That Will Amaze Your Family & Impress Your Friends


At Gary’s BBQ Supplies, we offer various BBQ smokers to impress your family and friends. Our BBQ smokers for Porterville residents infuse meats with rich, smoky flavor, creating delicious barbecue dishes that will leave everyone wanting more.

With easy-to-use features and ample cooking space, our BBQ smokers make outdoor cooking a breeze. Plus, they provide a fun and interactive way to entertain guests, making them a must-have for any backyard in Porterville.

Here are some of the backyard BBQ smokers we sell to Porterville residents:

  • The Loaded Wichita
  • The Kingman
  • The Durango 20
  • The Durango 24
  • The Stockton

Would you like to compare the different BBQ smokers available? We encourage you to visit our showroom in Visalia to compare different products and their features.

Offset Smoker Options for the Barbecue Enthusiast in Porterville


Gary’s BBQ Supplies offers a range of offset smokers for Porterville barbecue enthusiasts suited to individual preferences. These offset smokers feature a traditional design with a separate firebox for indirect heat, ensuring authentic smoky barbecue flavor with every cookout.

Offering a generous cooking space and even heat distribution, our offset smokers allow you to smoke small or large cuts of meat to perfection. The durable construction ensures reliability, while enhanced flavor profiles make them a favorite among barbecue enthusiasts.

These are a few more reasons why our offset smokers are preferred:

  • Authentic flavors
  • Consistent results
  • Strong warranty
  • High-quality construction

Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or impressing friends with your barbecue skills, our offset smokers are the perfect addition to any backyard.

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