Store flareups and burning food

GrillGrates are a new cooking surface that sears in juices while controlling flare-ups and removing unwanted fat. GrillGrates make it easy to cook lean meat, fish, grilled pizzas, vegetables, and pasta on your grill without worry of burning, drying out or charring.

Easy Installation

Simply lay GrillGrates on top of any existing grill, gas, charcoal or electric. GrillGrates are modular plates that interlock to cover all or part of your grill.

Includes Grill Tool

Put away the spray bottle and pick up the GrateTool™ to lift, turn and serve succulent lean meat, fish, vegetables and crispy grilled pizza!

Perfect Grill Marks

The Original Raised Rail Design™ Delivers steakhouse quality searing every time while preventing charring flare-ups and burned food!

Two GrillGrates 10.5” wide x 13.75” deep

Two GrillGrates create enough grilling surface for 4-6 steaks and 6-8 hamburgers, covers 2/3 of the 22” Weber Kettle or 1/3 to 1/2 of Gas Grills.

Two GrillGrates 15.75” wide x 13.75” deep

Three GrillGrates crover 90% of the 22” Weber Kettle and over half of most large gas grills. Additional panels can be easily added at a later time.

Two GrillGrates 21” wide x 13.75” deep

Four GrillGrates cover 3/4 lf of large gas grills. For big grills and big grillers! Note: Additional panels can be easily added at a later time.