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Trilby's Mild BBQ Sauce

"In the Kansas City tradition, this sauce is sweet and smoky with a little pepper to the finish. Its apricot/pineapple base give it a nice bright and tangy flavor. The perfect grilling sauce for beef, pork and seafood. Try this in meatloaf! Use your favorite meatloaf recipe, but instead of basting the top of the loaf with ketchup, try using Trilby's instead. It's the best on your meatloaf sandwich the next day too!

Trilby's Mild Marionberry

It's a Northwest twist on our original recipe. Marionberry blackberries from Oregon add a nice round complexity to the flavor of this sauce. Especially great with pork & salmon. Try this for a smoked sausage appetizer. Slice smoked sausage at an angle and heat the sausage and Trilby's BBQ Sauce in a pan till cooked. Serve with toothpicks.

Trilby's Chipotle Marionberry

"Our newest and spiciest offering, the marionberries give it a sweet, rich flavor and the chipotle gives it a nice warm finish. How spicy is it? It has a lotta flavor and a little bitta burn. Introduced in the summer of 2012, this flavor has become a fast favorite and was the best seller for 2013. Try this on a Brie cheese appetizer! Next time you serve a wheel of heated Brie, try placing the Brie on a bed of this sauce and drizzling a little over the top. Serve with your favorite crackers.

Alaska Umami Sauce

"Umami (oo-ma-mi) originates from the Japanese word meaning perfect savory, described as a flavor sensation that triggers a craving response. It's commonly known as the 5th taste behind sweet, salty, bitter and sour. This award winning Umami sauce is a simply stunning blend of flavors that create a taste sensation. It is designed to enhance a wide variety of foods such as meat, poultry, vegetables and seafood. “Oooh Mommie!”
Available in Mild, Hot, or Extra Hot

Trilby's Heavenly Hatch

Roasted green chilies from Hatch, New Mexico blended with herbs & spices to create a classic SW flavor that enhances meats and perfects Mexican dishes. Try a green chili stew with leftover roast, or for taco meat with a can of diced green chilies. Great on popcorn and corn on the cob!

Trilby's Jittery Jerk

Caribbean Jerk with a Northwest Flair. Wait ‘til you taste what a little ground espresso does for a jerk rub! The Caribbean flavors and allspice blend with the coffee to create a dark & savory flavor with a medium heat. WOW! Mix with a little olive oil and orange juice for a great chicken marinade.