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Yoder Smokers

Yoder Smokers are NOT the typical barbecue pit you buy down at the neighborhood department store. These pits are designed for use at the biggest BBQ competitions, and in your own backyard where the competition can be just as stiff. We construct all of our competition-grade smoker pits to last a lifetime. In fact, that’s how long we guarantee them against burnout. Whether you need an offset smoker, a loaded smoker, or a covered grill, we have them all!


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Yoder Backyard Smokers – Outdoor Cooking In Mililani


If outdoor cooking is your passion, you cannot overlook the unparalleled quality and versatility of Yoder backyard smokers.

Gary’s BBQ proudly shares that these offset smokers have revolutionized our approach to cooking, turning ordinary backyards into exceptional culinary workshops where smoking, grilling, and baking are done effortlessly.

The unmatched robustness and precision control of these offset smokers are noteworthy. Essential tips for your Yoder backyard smoker include:

  • Vary your wood choices for unique flavor experiences
  • Fine-tune temperature management for optimal results
  • Invest in a durable cover to maintain your smoker’s condition

Yoder Smokers are built for the serious grill enthusiast looking for the optimal combination of utility and excellence. Our Yoder Smokers promise to elevate your outdoor dining by infusing your meals with an irresistible smoky taste.

For those in Mililani, HI, wanting to step up their BBQ game, a Yoder backyard smoker is the go-to choice.

BBQ Smokers That Will Amaze Your Family & Impress Your Friends


BBQ smokers have ushered in a new era for outdoor culinary enthusiasts, enhancing flavor profiles and user convenience significantly. Regardless of your expertise, the perfect BBQ smoker can advance your cooking to a level akin to that of a professional.

Important factors to weigh before buying a BBQ smoker:

  • The smoker’s capacity should suit your regular hosting needs
  • Seek smokers that are simple to clean, making upkeep a breeze
  • For those who grill in various places, consider the smoker’s ease of movement
  • Consistent cooking demands accurate temperature control

As you delve into our collection of BBQ smokers, remember, the best smoker is the one that fits your way of life and culinary dreams. We are here to support you throughout this journey, ensuring you pick the right smoker for your Mililani dwelling.

Offset Smoker Options for the Barbecue Enthusiast in Mililani


Yoder backyard smokers are revered for offering a timeless smoking experience, esteemed by many for their productivity and the true taste they introduce. We support the idea that choosing the correct offset smoker can considerably augment your cooking journey.

  • Reasons Mililani folks gravitate towards Yoder backyard smokers include:
  • Enhanced temperature accuracy through adjustable vents on Yoder smokers
  • The unparalleled build quality of Yoder offset smokers for sustained durability
  • Simplified refueling thanks to easy firebox access on our offset smokers
  • An assortment of BBQ smoker sizes to seamlessly fit available storage spaces

Whether it’s slow-cooking ribs to fall-off-the-bone perfection or mastering a brisket, choosing an offset smoker from us can transform your BBQ experience.

For Mililani, we are committed to being your guide to achieving the pinnacle of BBQ success.

For anyone in Mililani desiring premium Yoder backyard smokers, BBQ smokers, and offset smokers, Gary’s BBQ is your ideal choice. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction guarantees outstanding outdoor cooking adventures.

Reach out to us at (360) 223-1009 today to start your journey towards BBQ perfection, or drop by our showroom near Mililani to check out our Yoder backyard smokers.

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