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Yoder Smokers

Yoder Smokers are NOT the typical barbecue pit you buy down at the neighborhood department store. These pits are designed for use at the biggest BBQ competitions, and in your own backyard where the competition can be just as stiff. We construct all of our competition-grade smoker pits to last a lifetime. In fact, that’s how long we guarantee them against burnout. Whether you need an offset smoker, a loaded smoker, or a covered grill, we have them all!


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Yoder Backyard Smokers – Outdoor Cooking In Exter


If you want to elevate your outdoor cooking experience in Exter, CA, consider our Yoder backyard smokers. Yoder backyard smokers are renowned for their exceptional build quality and reliability, making them a favorite among barbecue enthusiasts. These BBQ smokers are built to last, ensuring years of delicious barbecue meals in any climate.

These are some of the notable features of Yoder backyard smokers and reasons why they are a favorable choice for excellent barbecue experiences:

  • Offering precise temperature control
  • Suitable for all types of meats, including poultry, brisket, ribs etc.
  • Versatile cooking functions for varied styles
  • Designed to cook perfectly every time

Having a Yoder backyard smoker is a must-have for any backyard chef. Yoder backyard smokers are carefully constructed and meticulously designed for years of continued and consistent use. (360) 223-1009

BBQ Smokers That Will Amaze Your Family & Impress Your Friends


At Gary’s BBQ Supplies, we offer BBQ smokers that will amaze your family and impress your friends in Exter. Our BBQ smokers stand out from other brands due to their superior craftsmanship and design.

Each BBQ smoker is handcrafted carefully, ensuring that every component operates effectively. One of the key advantages of our BBQ smokers is their versatility. Whether you’re smoking low and slow or grilling hot and fast, they can handle it all with ease.

These are some of the features that set us apart from other BBQ smoker providers near Exter:

  • Superior craftsmanship for an enjoyable outdoor experience
  • The art of smoking to perfection
  • More than just a piece of cooking equipment
  • Valued customer satisfaction

Having a backyard BBQ smoker in Exter is a game changer, where outdoor cooking is a way of life.

Offset Smoker Options for the Barbecue Enthusiast in Exter


For the barbecue enthusiast in Exter, we offer a range of offset smoker options to suit your needs. Yoder offset smokers are designed for severe barbecue enthusiasts who demand the best. With heavy-duty construction and innovative features, these offset smokers deliver unmatched performance and flavor.

Our offset smokers are unique in design, offering exact temperature control and even heat distribution. This ensures that your meats are always perfectly cooked, with a rich and smoky flavor that impresses even the most discerning barbecue connoisseurs.

Here are a few reasons residents in Exter choose offset smoker options from Gary’s BBQ supplies:

  • Superior smoking performance
  • For enthusiasts who value high-quality
  • Year-round barbecue smoked meals
  • Designed for ease of cleaning

For more information, contact our team at (360) 223-1009.

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