The Chisolm 24" Trailer

Starting At $5,295.00-$6,535.00 + shipping

Has it come to your attention that your fellow tailgaters’, families and friends are sneaking over to your pit to fill their plate? If so, then there is a Chisholm model that is just right for you. The Chisholm is compact enough to tow behind a small vehicle, maneuver easily into tight spaces and store out of the way, yet is big enough to feed well over a hundred hungry folks.

The Chisholm is available in either a 52″ single-door or a 72″ double-door configuration to match your specific requirements. Choose the 52″-single and you will have up to 2,500 square-inches of cooking surface or step to the 72″ double and you will have up to 3,150 square-inches of cooking surface, call or e-mail us to custom configure the Chisholm to your specifications.


  • Cooking Surface †1598 Or ‡2080 Sq. Inches
  • †Two 25″x23.5″ racks in Main Chamber 
    Or ‡Three 23.5″x23.5″ racks in Main Chamber 
  • One 18″x23.5″rack in firebox 
  • Optional 2nd Level Grates add †750 Or ‡1200 Sq. Inches 
  • Overall Width 53″ 
    (Including Trailer) 
  • Overall Height 71″ 
  • Overall Depth †161″ Or ‡181″ 
    (Including Trailer) 
  • Weight †1,750 OR ‡2,350 lb


  • Propane Log Lighter
  • Pot Warmer 
  • Stay Cool Handles 
  • Grease Drain 
  • Offset Firebox 
  • Log Grate 
  • Door Counter Weight 
  • Temperature Gauges 
  • 15″ Tires and Wheels 
  • Slide Out Table Top


  • 15″ Custom Aluminum Wheels with Tires (per pair) (+$450.00)
  • 16″ Custom Aluminum Wheels with Tires (per pair) (+$650.00) 
  • Heat Management Plate (+$450.00 – $650.00) 
  • 2nd Level Slide-Out Shelf (+$150.00 – $350.00) 
  • Square Fire Box with Boiler Style Door (+$750.00) 
  • Square Insulated Fire Box with Boiler Style Door (+$950.00) 10
  • Gauge Stainless Steel Front Shelf (+$650.00 – $750.00)

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