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Trilby’s BBQ Sauce
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The Trilby’s Tradition Photos, traditions and favorite destinations. Many things are handed down from generation to generation. But Ferndale businesswoman Laura Joseph got something even more: Her mother’s famous home recipe for barbecue sauce.  Years ago, when her mom was a caterer, people raved over her homemade barbecue sauce and encouraged her to make the product to sell.  “It is a 40-year-old recipe and people just loved it,” Joseph said.  Trilby’s BBQ Sauce was born and it has been a venture that has traveled from one generation to the next and over the years has involved many of the family members.  In 1992, Joseph moved to Whatcom County from Silverdale, Wash., to go to college. Joseph took over the business 12 years ago and has been in her current location in Ferndale’s Carnation building for one and a half years.  When Trilby’s first started in Silverdale, the laws were different than they are today and the sauce was made at home. When Joseph opened the business in Whatcom County it was tough finding approved kitchens where she could manufacture the sauce and she was pleased when she found a kitchen to rent in Ferndale.  Prior to settling in the Carnation building, Joseph and her crew had to pack pots, pans and ingredients back and forth to a kitchen they rented on an as-needed basis in Bellingham.  Products originally included mild and spicy hot barbecue sauce and Trilby’s B-B-Q Rub.  Joseph then expanded the line with an idea of her own, marionberry barbecue sauce.  “It gives it a unique Northwest feel and I feel honored that I am the first to have it,” Joseph said.  Joseph gets her marionberries from Oregon and has a seeding machine which takes the seeds out of the berries and prepares them for the sauce.  According to Joseph, there are distinct seasons where her products are purchased as gifts; however, they are sold in stores and used in local restaurants year-round.  “I have the gift season that starts in the fall when people buy it to ship to family and friends,” Joseph said.  After the rush of the holidays, Joseph usually takes time off in January and February. In the summer she does promotions, demos and sets up at the Ferndale Farmers’ Market.  “I have been very fortunate that word of mouth has been very effective for me,” Joseph said. We are starting to build a name, she added.  In 2000-2001 Trilby’s participated as one of 250 entries in a Texas cook-off. Even though the sound of Texas barbecue and Whatcom County, Wash., may not sound like it could go hand-in-hand, Trilby’s won the Grand Champion award.  Currently, Trilby’s sauces are in 150 stores and Joseph praises Haggen for being the longest-running carrier for the past nine years.  “We get people calling us all the time because maybe they want a larger volume or a private label,” she said.  The local Cedars Restaurant currently uses Trilby’s, Ferndale’s Nelly’s will be using the sauces, and Fiamma Burger in Bellingham was so impressed they named a burger after Trilby’s.  “That was huge to us,” Joseph said.  The burger consists of an onion ring, Hempler’s bacon, Trilby’s sauce, blue cheese crumbles, local meat and buns from a local bakery.  “It’s a little goopy but it’s great,” Joseph said.  Joseph works by herself with the help and support of her husband Mark. Over the years she has employed nieces and nephews in their teenage years who wanted a first job. They were able to take that experience into other jobs as they grew older.  Joseph mixes the sauces in a huge kettle. The product then goes through a filling hose into the bottle. She hand-seals the lids, labels the bottles and they are ready for sale.  According to Joseph, her goal may be to open up the kitchen on an hourly rate for people who do not have access to a kitchen to make their own products.  Joseph prides Trilby’s Kitchen on being green and touts that her recycling regime helps her do her part for ecology and the environment.  ”I am quite green actually and everything I have is recyclable,” Joseph said.  All the cans, bottles and boxes her ingredients are shipped in are recycled, and at the end of the week she may have one tiny bag filled with garbage. There’s a sense of satisfaction in that, Joseph said.  P.S.  As of October 1st 2011, Trilby's has been sold and the new owner Merilee has the same business ideals that has made Trilby's a success. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Merilee.